Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving & A Few Thanksgiving Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers

We are really excited about Thanksgiving this year. We will have lots of family in town, including my niece who is also two and it will be of course Lilly's first Thanksgiving. I doubt we will do as much cooking in advance as we did last year but I am sure with all the extra help we will work it out.

I was thinking about getting Ava prepared to understand the holiday and realized I knew very little about it other than football and dinner. These videos from History.com helped me a lot.

I still remember lots of Indian and Pilgrim crafts around the holiday and while I know that it wasn't all love and turkey between the Indians and Pilgrims I have decided that it is still worth learning about - even though sometime in middle school my girls will have all their Pilgrim / Indian love dreams shattered by a history teacher.

So... I ordered this Little People Thanksgiving play set from fisherprice.com -

(Is there anything more 80's holiday throw back than Pilgrim and Indian plastic people? I think not. Just embrace it - I know you want to.)

We have some fall decor out as well as scarecrow dolls, a plush turkey and a bunch of library books about Thanksgiving in a basket to play with and talk about the holiday. I do this holiday basket idea at Christmas as well, it seems to be interesting to my toddler and keeps the seasonal stuff tidy during the holidays. We also have the Santa and Nativity Little People sets. 

We will make some turkey hand prints, maybe on fabric and put them in a embroidery hoop to hang. Oh yes, look at how I found a craft my 3 week old can make ;)

We will make a Thankful Book by drawing the people we are thankful for and coloring them. Ava, at two, can pretty much understand this concept, especially if you use phrases like "thank you for my grandma" instead of "I am thankful for Grandma."

- Some fun ideas  - 

(Fun that the blogger's mom gives her children a bucket each year)

 (I would be so cool if I made these for Ava's class)

(Too bad we don't actually have 'fall' here but if we did!)

(I hope my niece and daughter will get to make this)

Otherwise we just cook lots of great food, enjoy some wine and map out our black Friday shopping trip! 
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