Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Baby Lilly Birth Story

 Lilly Emma 
All 7lbs 14 oz of her at 19.5 inches long 

Birth Story

I was having irregular contractions when I checked into the hospital for induction at 9am a few days after my due date.  I was also dilated to a 4. Given that I had been dilated at some stage for over 3.5 weeks that wasn't all that surprising. I don't know all the particulars of why but I had this same situation with Ava where I just sort of stalled and couldn't keep anything consistent going to deliver on my own. I was given Pitocin and I went to about a 6 over the course of the morning. I didn't feel any different and the nurse mentioned to me that if "I wasn't in pain maybe I didn't need the epidural" ... umm ... what?!? Yeah, about five minutes after that I requested it ;)

So apparently the Anesthesiologist that gave it didn't administer enough for my height and by the time the nurse got another Anesthesiologist called I was having Lilly. So, yes that is right, I had some version of natural child birth! In 20 minutes I went from a 7 to holding my baby. My Doctor ran in just as I was grabbing the side of the bed thinking how "TV labor" I must have started looking. I didn't realize that Lilly was crowning but the nurse must have because I heard my Doctor ask her if he could pee (yes really) and she said "not if you want to deliver this baby." Then about 4 minutes and three pushes later I was holding an almost 8lb little girl. Amazing. Just as amazing as the first time.Maybe even more so because I was more awake and I did have a bit of a rush coming off of that insane sensation.

Lilly looks a bit chubbier in the cheeks than Ava but not 1lb 5oz heavier - I guess that isn't that much in the big scheme of things but I was surprised because I was so much smaller this pregnancy.

Lilly came so fast that I had some tearing because there wasn't time to prevent it or do a small episiotomy. Thankfully the epidural did kick in by the stitching! So there has been a little more difficulty this time along with the typical difficulties caused by expelling a human. I always wish after labor you didn't have so much pain because it can be a little distracting from enjoying your baby. Lilly is the best baby ever created she never cries, she eats one time at night, and sleeps 22 hours a day...right! She might awaken from this perfection but she has given me a wonderful week and I am so grateful for that. I look forward to her tiny meows in the night right before it is time to eat. (Like I said no crying, even for food.) And most of the day I just hold her while she is sleeping trying to soak it all in. Big sister is going to school still for her three days so I am getting some time with just Lilly which is great and then when Ava is home my husband is around as well so I can spend some time with just Ava. I don't think so far anyone feels displaced or jealous and I am really lucky that we have a little routine worked out where it will be several weeks before I will be taking care of both of them at the same time alone. 

Here is me being really silly - this is for my friend Michelle - we love pictures like this of women in labor ;) I think the sunlight adds dramatic effect. I also like how clinical the room looks but how 'home birth' I am looking...

The husband during labor - I think the man recliner in the delivery room is funny. As in can someone bring him some beer and turn some football on please! 

More labor - ya know before the crazy part. 

And after the crazy part - me and Lilly. Can I just say my baby girls are born cute!

The whole family. Apparently Ava totally did get that we were having a real baby and she ran in just like she had been expecting Lilly all along! So proud!

This is still the face she makes when holding Lilly 6 days later. 

Labor makes my husband very sleepy ;)

And it makes me make silly photo faces. Life is pretty great. 

Is there a medicine for slowing growth? Everyday I feel a little nervous about how fast it is all going to end. My 27 month old is going on 16!
So, dearest Lilly can we drag this whole baby thing out as long as possible?
Thanks. Mom
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