Wednesday, October 20, 2010

waiting...39.5 weeks!

Just a little update here ... just waiting ... due on Monday. No sign of anything impending. Still going into work making everyone a little nervous ;) Had an amazing experience today getting a prenatal massage. Everyone should have one a few days before their due date. It was a really cool experience how responsive Lilly was and how connected I felt to her. I have small babies and easy pregnancies and therefore don't really think that often about having a child inside me. So it was new to have this very spiritual experience today ... made me think maybe I can hold out a little longer. O.K. well maybe not really ;)

photo - Over this past weekend hanging out downtown. I know I wish I had those Naartjie boots too!

 p.s. please don't put your $1 store ice mold in the microwave to melt your pumpkin isn't going to end well... 
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