Friday, October 1, 2010

Homemade Popsicles and over 75 recipes!

So here you go - I know it is OCTOBER and I am posting about Popsicles. But, well it is summer all year where I live in Central Florida and pregnant people love Popsicles ;) 

I haven't had the best luck trying to make homemade Popsicles. So here is what I think you need:

1. Some good molds like my Tovolo Blue Rocket Pop Molds - I read everywhere that people use $1 store molds but that never worked for me. 

2. Some good recipes!

My favorite recipe is flavored yogurt + berries cut up + bananas + a little sugar (powdered or granulated) + some honey ... not so exact just till it is almost too sweet. Above is strawberry banana yogurt with strawberries and bananas. 

Here are some more recipes. I have tried several of these already! I totally need a second mold set ;)

I really need a Zoku from Santa - Plus look at the awesome recipes on their blog 

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