Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dora the Explorer Party Part II - Ava turns 2!

Did I mention, oh yes I did in Part I, that we had 18 out of town guests for Ava's second birthday at the end of July. The low points were that the heat index was 110 and we had major AC problems (right...) and also maybe that the two things I did make for the party ended up as always being 'night before projects'. But oh well such is life. The night everyone left the house did get back to a normal temperature which was of much relief to me considering I have tried so, so hard this pregnancy to avoid swelling.

But here are the high points! We had the party at the Daytona Beach, Museum of Arts and Sciences - lots of trains, hands-on children's exhibits, lots of art, and more! Museum's are a great place for a party.

So besides the cookies I made this cool Cricut birthday banner (other banners here)-  yes it did take about 5 hours thanks for noticing ;) For some reason you can't see how super fun all the sparkly ribbons are that are tied between each letter in the photo. 

When I realized that Dora figurines were like $6 each (robbery!) I decided to order the cake from Publix and just add the Swiper Ava wanted. 

Can you see the big paper stars on the table? My husband cut out like a million with a star punch because he is really awesome like that about any task you can mindlessly do while watching TV. This includes folding laundry ladies! Oh and Ava is wearing an authentic vintage Mexican dress from eBay. She really liked it!

Also, I made some big paper Mexican flowers to hang from the ceiling and they made a big difference in the room. You can barely see an orange one in this photo. I obviously wasn't taking pictures because there are mostly ones of people and not my decor ;)

Ava got some fabulous presents - I mean just perfect! This drum was among her favorites.

She also loved her Ladybug Western Chief Boots, Coat and Umbrella.

We made lots of Pizza in the children's museum area

We also checked out the trains before we left ;) Look closely at those little munchkins. 

Most importantly everyone had FUN! 

update - oh look I found a photo of the decor ;)

I have to say I am a big fan of home parties but after the Museum I am not sure I can go back! What about you have you ever tried a public venue for your child's party?
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