Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,
This week my husband asked me if I had 'quit the blog' - and I was of course very annoyed. Truthfully though, it has been a while but I am right at the start of my third trimester now and geez I am feeling pregnant! Plus can you even believe it that 20 people are coming JUST from out of town for Ava's second birthday next week! So, needless to say lots of gearing up for that. Our first visitors will arrive in town tomorrow! Ava is so sweet and I am by far her most favorite person on earth, she constantly says that everything in the house 'needs its mommy' and she showers me with hugs and kisses and lets me hold her forever - which really helps ya know when she is being very, very TWO.

But I do have some great posts that I have saved up and lets just ignore for the next couple of months the fact that my grammar might not be sparkling or that I might not have great pictures or if I make three posts in one day and none for 8 days after - o.k.? Otherwise I might never post again until Lilly is like 6 months old and no one wants that right!

Love, Christina

p.s. Did I mention I actually work too at a great but crazy job? Oh o.k. just clearing that up!

p.s.s. How often does my striving for perfect keep me from doing something good...hmmm...way too deep for the third trimester.
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