Thursday, June 3, 2010

Having another Girl - All is well and right with the world

First Ava woke up at 5:15  "awesome"... then at 7:45 we arrived at the hospital...had to wait and wait but there was at one point a TV for Ava which really was awesome.

Then we watched our new little muffin on the monitor. Perfectly average and perfectly healthy in every way, just like Ava always was. Not too big and just on target for my due date. The tiny baby yawned and covered its mouth - so cute! It took almost 30 mins. to get the baby to open its legs though which was a little stressful. 

Finally we got the 'three lines' confirmation 'Baby Girl'!
I felt such a huge peace when the tech told us. I thought 'oh wow! yes it is a girl, I knew that'. We were all very happy, well Ava was pretty much done at that point but she was happy briefly too. She talked a lot for the tech and student and told them about the 'new baby' and then spent the rest of the time taking photos of her leg with the iPhone - example #5 of 20 below.

More dresses, bows and all things intensely, wonderfully, girly :) All is well and good with the world.
No name yet but we have made serious progress this evening!

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