Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Local "Travel" - Volusia County's Green Springs

Do you know what I am remembering about being pregnant?? Umm how tired it makes you - last night I put Ava to bed opened the laptop to make a previously written blog post live and promptly fell asleep at 8:30p.m. My husband came home about an hour later and made me go to bed.

So here we go - I have a whole week of posts coming your way (some already finished!) about summer travel - both local and national.

This first one really isn't going to apply to you if you don't live in Central Florida. EXCEPT that it might get you thinking about looking at your county & city's websites to shuffle through and find some similar places. Oh and I consider a day out exploring your city or county very much 'travel' - you just get to sleep at home ;)

Green Springs

We have this really awesome tax where I live called ECHO. That's right an awesome tax! Everyone who owns a home pays a tiny amount - don't even notice it. And in exchange the county, any city in the county, or not for profit organization can apply for money as long as they can come up with a three to one match. We have awesome cultural attractions, amazing parks, trails and more because of this program. I am telling you all this because every county should have this program.

Anyway most city or county recreation areas are all kind of word of mouth I think or you really have to hunt them down - probably true in most places due to lack of funding for staff & promotion.

This weekend we visited GREEN SPRINGS one of Florida's few Green Sulfur Springs - here is the web description - great history on their site but not much else enticing you to visit. For you locals it is basically in Debary on Enterprise / Osteen Road.

So if I was going to make a pitch for Green Springs it would sound something like - First it is FREE! There are 36 acres of shaded, paved trails with water overlooks where you can see the magical looking green springs. I was really happy to find dirt paths where you can get down to the water as well. Best of all there are super nice bathrooms, a huge pavilion, an awesome playground (no playground photos due to toddler difficulties) and tons of scattered benches and picnic areas. Ava doesn't really like to stop and read text panels (as we have learned during countless museum visits) but we passed quite a few cool ones because like I said the history of this place is very interesting.

(Ava insists on walking about 4 feet behind you at all times)

(you can reserve this cool pavilion for anything you want)

- Coming this week and all done with an infant or toddler - 
San Francisco
Florida Keys
Savannah / Hilton Head Island, Georgia

Is there any hidden place like this in your city or county?

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