Saturday, May 1, 2010

First and Second Trimester Clothes (and for some of us third) - oh and lots of pictures for Michelle ;)

(Pic: At work - blazer, non maternity pencil skirt and top, spanx mat. tights. Almost 15 weeks. Photo by Fauve B. Facial expression for benefit of audience watching the office photo shoot :)

I am in that weird – “did she start beer binging?” stage of pregnancy – ya know (or maybe you don’t) the place where you are using hair ties to button most of your pants but the only dead giveaway “I’m pregnant” outfit you have is MAYBE your form fitting high-waisted pencil skirt – and really you just don’t feel like wearing it. Even in my swimsuit it looks like I have that little beer belly you see so many college girls sporting these days.
With Ava, I stayed in this place until about 2.5 months before my due date – even after “the summer swelling” had set in and I couldn’t wear my rings anymore people were still surprised I was pregnant. While I have started to show earlier this time my frame, height and really average weight probably have a lot to do with why people can’t tell I am pregnant at 15 weeks with #2.
I am not really a fan of the Bella Band things – they just create more layers and they bunch up and are itchy – hand me the next size of pants and a stretchy hair band any day!

(Pic: Jacket closed you can tell a little more right?!?)

This is what I wear during this part of pregnancy aka almost my entire pregnancy :
Assets / Spanx Maternity Tights and other maternity products – Do yourself a favor don’t buy the ones from motherhood just pay the $10 more and get a pair of Assets – they will last your entire pregnancy and they do everything for you that regular Spanx / Assets do but they are just comfy and stretchy and nice! Got my last pair at Target.
Dresses – I wear lots of dresses anyway. I have never purchased a maternity dress most of the styles available will accommodate a pregnant belly. Wrap dresses are a great investment because you can wear them pre-baby through your whole pregnancy and after. Plus once you really start to show they look so cute tied above your ‘bump’ (hate that word). Converse is making some wrap dresses sold here and at Target. 
Capri tights – I am a big fan of Capri tights under your dresses during pregnancy. I find myself wanting some support and streamlining the further along I get. I have these and these from motherhood. The cotton ones have that secret fit belly which I really like…too bad most of the time it is attached to something I hate there…
The next size up in low rise pants,  shorts or skirts
Nice, thick, supportive tank tops that are long enough to cover your unbuttoned pants. Some nursing ones you can wear through almost your entire pregnancy and then after as well if you get them the right size. I have these from Target but there are hundreds of other options. 

(Pic: Getting ready to go to farmer's market / park - nice roomy cotton dress. 12 weeks. I don't know why my husband took this but he did - so presenting our bathroom ;)

(Pic: Another dress in the Keys in front of the 7-mile bridge. 14 weeks. Can you tell how much I am trying to look pregnant?)

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