Wednesday, April 7, 2010

how my 20 month old got her own cell phone...

Sooo ya know I have been thinking about when would be a good time for Ava to have her own phone...maybe middle school? or if she had some kind of sport or activity younger that caused her to stay after school or something - ya know more for safety... well tonight at 20 months old she got her own phone and phone line - I know: LET THE PARENTAL JUDGING BEGIN!

Seriously, I wanted an iPhone / I needed one because I am working on an iPhone app for work and really -COME ON- an iPhone app developer without an iPhone ... what a fraud! ;) So anyhow when we went to buy it they gave us two choices pay: 1. pay $299 for it or 2. pay $99 and add a new line for $10 a month. Use the new line for the iPhone, downgrade the old line so that it only costs $10 but is still active till its contract runs out. Then the lady at the counter thought it would be funny and she gave Ava a phone for her new line. Which she was pretty much in love with. I don't know if Ava could answer the phone but she can talk on it a little so she has my old number if you want to chat her up.

Now I am off to work on my next blog post called my favorite iPhone apps...stay tuned!
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