Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Planting from seeds

We lost a lot more plants this year than ever before because of the really cold weather! Some of them seem to have tiny shoots popping up but it is going to take some time. I went to buy more plants but GEEZ I want so many other things than $150 worth of plants that I might kill.

Sooo Ava and I planted a bunch of flower and herb seeds. We planted some poppy's that are supposed to grow in Florida in full sun so we'll see about that. 

I can say that my 20 month old is an awesome help because it is her job to water the seeds every night with her watering can and guess what she NEVER forgets!

The containers and dirt we used are kind of cool you just break apart and plant the whole container once your seedling gets big enough, they are 5 trays for less than $2 and a big bag of soil that has all the 'stuff' you need for seeds for $3.50. All 'Jiffy-Mix' brand and from Lowe's.
Oh and I kept seeing this 'not a single lady' video but finally watched it - this is SO an Ava reaction -

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