Monday, March 15, 2010

Love and Smoothies

Chillin on the backporch swing with a smoothie.

The past couple of days have been the first hints of actually living in Central Florida I have felt in months. It has been a cold winter but then now there is warm weather and day light savings time. Even though mother's of infants and toddlers hate time changes - we are all loving this one!

This afternoon when I was pushing Ava on the swing she said, 'I happy. You happy?'
I don't recall ever asking her if she is happy, we do ask her if she is sad when she is whining or not getting her way, so it was surprising. It was also enormously sincere, she was so blissful and serious when she said it. Well needless to say it made my day! You know those butterflies you get when you have a first crush? - that is how I feel about my toddler everyday (ya know in between the time-outs and tantrums of course). After the happy moment, we had smoothies, went to Target to check out the new Liberty of London line, and then picked up dinner and I let her refuse her baked potato and eat only French fries and ketchup and share my Diet Coke and I am pretty sure she was completely blissful again.

Oh and I am not done, before I put her to bed she layed in my lap and we watched the first part of Up - ya know the good grown-up part before they meet the annoying dogs.

So In Love.

Our Smoothies:
Very Vanilla Soy Milk
Bananas (or other soft fruit if we have it)
Any Kind (or Kinds) of Flavored Yogurt
Some Ice
Random amounts of all of the above, let your toddler throw them in the blender and then take them outside to drink it they are going to spill a lot because you can't drink smoothies through a sippy cup.
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