Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Glass Knob Heaven - For a Steal!

First, thanks to everyone for all the nice comments and emails about last night's post. Tonight we had homemade beef stew, James Taylor vinyl, and Slatkin for BBW Margarita Candles for dinner ;) I didn't think Ava would notice but she said the candles were 'waving' and that we should all 'dance and sing to song, dance, dance' when we turned on the record player. After dinner we danced in the living room and played face up memory 10 times. But it did feel special and even Joseph thought it was really nice.

On to tonight's post!

When I was in Pottery Barn Kids last I noticed that they sell separate designer glass and ceramic knobs so you can 'upgrade' their furniture. This seems funny considering you are buying new, pricey furniture from them and it should come with any knob set you want! Still it is a really good idea and I have done this to thrift store antiques we painted several times. We also had all glass knobs in our kitchen before we re-did it. However, I have a great 'secret' source for glass and ceramic knobs that are cheap - especially considering a glass pottery barn knob is $10!

Free shipping on orders over $50, plus they sell lots of similar replica items.

Peacock Blue Glass Knob $1.86

Antique Lemon Yellow Glass Knob $2.67

Antique Milk Blue Glass Drawer Pull $4.41

Ceramic Knob Light Mocha Ceramic Knob $1.87
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