Monday, March 1, 2010

Family Pictures and Growing Up

So we have taken some really good family pictures over the past 18 months, but these are some of my favorites. Blue Rayne Photography was looking for a family to get some photos of to start her portfolio. It rained (of course, it always does), Ava had the stomach flu and threw up on her self on the way to take pictures and we had to stop and get her a new sweater and shirt (we sort of just wiped the skirt off ;). Thank goodness Jessica brought some big umbrellas and the location we picked had lots of overhangs to stand under. Taking family photos is a lot of work!
These are also Ava's 18 month pictures. She is such a doll and talks up a storm - hard to believe the things she comes out with sometimes - like she told me today 'Ava have white cheese in there' (in the fridge) clear as day or when we went to get out the play dough she told me 'not that table'. I try to tell her she is still a baby but she isn't falling for it - AT ALL. She looks at me like 'can a baby tell you her last name or climb up the bookshelf - think not - now hand over the big girl cup.'

Oh and these are just a few proofs that Jessica posted to Facebook (so I don't think the resolution is coming up great here) - can't wait to get the CD!
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