Monday, February 22, 2010

Wooden doll houses on the brain

I have wooden doll houses on the brain. Check these out -

Pottery Barn Kids -  Augusta Doll house $34.99
Ava has a similar house but with more realistic wooden people that you can manipulate. She loves it a ridiculous amount. It was a gift from her Aunt Brenda ;)

PlanToys The Green Dollhouse with Furniture

This one has lots of cool teaching features about Eco-living. Probably would be a little confusing for Ava considering we struggle with using re-usable grocery bags... still it is open from all sides for easy play.

Cute, open, but lacking some style. 

Modern but pricey for the size. Seems to be a case of form over function.

Expensive - but open, stylish, comes with furniture, large, has stairs, gender neutral.

But then I found this one and even though I have no clue how much it is all 50+ 5 star reviews say it is an awesome value. It comes with all that furniture and the car! It is out of stock but people were reviewing it in January 2010 so I am guessing it will come back in. It even has a door that opens and closes... hmmm I am thinking it is about $200 - just a guess though. I will keep you posted.

Update: Spoke with a rep and you can only buy it at leaps and bounds and only at Christmas time. She said she expected they would carry them again in Fall 2010. 

Update: You can order them October 2010 through December 2010 for $200 - pretty good I think. Posted about ours here

I had a wooden doll house, did you?

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