Friday, February 19, 2010

Make your own free graphic art from - Wordle and What a Lovely Name

1. Wordle
Wordle: green eggs and ham

Wordle: jane austen characters
I made these (top green eggs and ham, bottom names of Austen characters) on You just type or paste in a bunch of text, randomize, fool around with the spacing, colors, fonts till you like it - save and print! Could be art work, clear insert notebook covers, on and on.
Fun Right!
2. What a Lovely Name
Search for baby names or really just type in a name and change the font, background, and color till you get it just how you want. Save it! Print it on transfer paper and put it on a tote, print on nice paper use in a little frame. Isn't this one for my niece so cute!
p.s. I give up trying to figure out what html code is turning my word wrap off! p.s.s. Also, I just noticed the little heart below Elliana's name disappeared when I loaded it to blogger, grrr.
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