Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just Say No to Non-Stick ???

We purchased some new pots and pans - the skillets are non-stick but the rest is all copper bottom stainless. The reason was two-fold. First, we have had terrible luck with our non-stick cookware! We had an eclectic original set that included Pampered Chef, Calphalon, Martha Stewart, and Analon - on all eventually the surface started to fail. I know we cook a lot but I think we take really good care of these pans! Second, in 2006 the Environmental Protection Agency asked all makers of Tephlon coated cookware to eliminate a particular chemical they use in the process of adhering the surface to the pan by 2015 - most haven't budged from what I can tell. The little bit of information available makes me nervous - and really I am not a nervous person about these things.  I also didn't want to need new cookware in three years or so. There are all kinds of benefits to copper cooking as well.

Oh and did I mention how good looking copper bottom stainless pots are!

What are you cooking on?
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