Friday, February 26, 2010

Embroidery Hoop Mobile Roundup

I love these embroidery hoop mobiles, think: weddings, parties, kids rooms, nurseries, over a table, anywhere really! Almost all of these have tutorials for how to make one but actually it is pretty intuitive I think. You can also purchase them or something similar hand-made from Etsy, many sellers will work with you to match your theme exactly if you aren't up to DIY. This is a perfect Cricut project though!

Embroidery Hoop Mobiles for a Party. Just some big simple circles in your colors or something to match your theme - shapes, letters, numbers, characters, etc. 

Ribbon Mobiles also made from Embroidery Hoops. 

Not sure about the flowers used in this one, but it does show how to use an inner ring. 

Like the last one, this bird mobile is maybe not totally my style, but it does show you how to use the hoops in creative ways. 

I love the buttons on this butterfly mobile

Sweet little hearts! Cool string. Oh what if some of these were translucent!


So sweet, used to be sold by PBK but good for inspiration. 

You can buy this one that is similar to the one above for a wedding from Etsy for $38 - pretty good price really. I love how the ribbon is tied shabby all around the hoop. 

Do you have any cool mobiles in your home?
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