Thursday, February 25, 2010

cleaning out the attic...choices

We have been cleaning out the attic tonight...shed up next. Trying to do a big garage sale in two weeks. We pulled everything down from the attic this time - gross - Florida attics get unimaginably hot in the summer. We did find things we hadn't seen in years and some cool stuff from when I was little for Ava like tons of wooden blocks (resting below in the bathroom sink).

But we also pulled down all my teaching stuff. That was what I went to school for and what I started out in but for four years I have been working in the arts marketing field, and I love it. But, that teaching stuff represents hundreds of hours of work creating and writing and compiling - for something I also loved. The teaching books need to be sold - well most of them. The notebooks need to be thrown away. I guess I have made the decision to at least for now turn away fully from that path. I don't feel sad about it, I am ready. I keep looking through it all and thinking about what I might use for helping Ava. 'Stuff for Ava' is really getting out of control though and we have a very small house.

(boxes of teaching stuff)

I guess it is like this your whole life but ours so far has seemed particularly jam packed with choices - the fork in the road kind.

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