Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the tudors

For some time now we have been working our way through The Tudors Showtime television series from Netflix. I have always been entranced by this period in English history but this show (if you can ignore the 100 boob shots in the first season and start of the second) is so well done. Just dripping in drama - love, passion, romance, betrayal, history. It isn't 100% accurate but it is generally accurate and tells the story of Henry VIII and his six wives. It seems incredibly well funded as well with beautiful costumes and elaborate sets. The story is just unbelievable really. There are so many things about our modern world that were totally transformed by these people and their choices. Hard to comprehend really. Tudorhistory.org is full of the historical facts behind the drama and if you watch the series you will be looking up all of the background.

Check out the treatments on these still shots of the actors to make them look like paintings.

Tonight we watched the death of Anne Boleyn and even though you hate her, by the end you feel really sorry for her.

We are not to this part in the series yet - but it looks interesting.

Where can I get a photo like this and what are they doing to these photos to make them look so amazing!
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