Friday, January 22, 2010

Tips for Modeling for Portraits

Funny story, but I was asked to model for some pictures - twice! in the last few months. That is me above. This is so totally off the radar of anything I have ever done. I was pretty nervous at first, but I have had some great tips given to me and some great photographers - these tips below made 100% difference in how my pictures turned out. The photos in this post were taken by Meggan Harper.

1. Have your makeup done! Pick a counter at a department store that you like the way the models in the ads look and go and have your whole face done - moisturizer, foundation, eye-lid primer all of it. You will need to buy some product if you have them do your makeup I would say anywhere other than MAC about $25 worth, at MAC $50. The bonus to all of this is that you will be learning new ways to do your makeup.

2. Keep your hair down, give it a little texture with wax. You need to give it some volume and lift in the photos. You can hide a lot of hair flaws in a photo with your hair down. This is assuming you in general have a shapely cut and even color.

3. Highlight your best feature, if it stands out then the things that aren't so great won't.

4. Wear good underwear! Get some spanx, or some good tights, a nice bra, a smoothing cami. Make sure you have no rolls or bumps or anything like that before you put your clothes on. This has nothing to do with your weight, anyone can look basically smooth. 

5. If you relax your mouth and keep it slightly open before you smile you will get a better smile. Flex your mouth some to keep it loose, try some serious looks but keep your mouth soft and loose, leaving the seriousness in your eyes.

6. Think about watching models on tv shows - they give a different pose and head turn or body shift every few shots try that - you will feel very silly but you will start to find your groove. The photographer will let you know - or should let you know - when you have hit something good.

7. Understand what clothes flatter your body type - this link should help: - go to the right hand column and check out 'body types'.

8. Have fun!

I still don't know what to do with my hands though - do you have any tips for that? Meggan helped me a lot when setting up for the photo below!

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