Tuesday, January 5, 2010

so nice to meet you

The Dec. 09' Family Picture - for Christmas cards that didn't happen - at home :)

I have been married to a great guy for 7 years and I am mother to a beautiful 17 month old (...going on 17 years). I work in arts marketing  – a fun and challenging job. I have wanted to blog for a long time but it wasn’t until this past year (2009) when I started reading nienie everyday that I began to feel the ‘need’ to blog. I hope to share here my love of family, travel, crafting, food, art, and many other wonderful things in a similar way to the other bloggers who so faithfully share their warm lives with me each day.

I will attempt to share good ideas and some inspiration because that is what I typically read blogs for.

I will add more here when I think of more to say and try to keep it updated as things change. Personal bio's are SO hard - but they might be the thing I appreciate most about blogs.

Please comment or email! So nice to know you have readers!

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