Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Ruins of Detroit

Who knew Detroit was so mysterious ...these photos are just beautiful - I am sure these are sad to some people but they feel so amazing to me - like a forgotten world - like a treasure! I am sure that actually these places are cold, filthy, un-safe, and in areas with lots of dangerous activities - but let's pretend they are more like Atlantis just for a moment or two.

All of the photos below are linked directly from they are working on a book using these photos. The photos are much larger on their site and they have a beautiful slideshow of them that you can view.

This is my favorite because it is so frozen. Still food on the table. Maybe from later squatters...but maybe not...

(p.s. thanks to Ben for posting this link on facebook)

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  1. can you imagine doing a photo shoot for a wedding in these? ahhhhhh! dramatic!


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