Saturday, January 23, 2010

New look for Nest Bliss

Thanks to Kaleigha with KrameyMartin Designs, my blog has a new look! Now I feel ready to post some of the bigger DIY projects we have done, etc. It is hard when you are just starting to blog to not want to let your really 'good' stuff get lost way back in your archives before you actually have people reading it (or have shared it with your friends even). Lots of work getting everything organized but I feel like I am ready to go now!

This is what happened when my husband sat down with me to look at the new blog design and chat about the widget options (my laptop has a camera in it) he may be a tad less excited about the blog than I am, but it is nap time ...

The blog design was based on this picture Kaleigha found from, I love it! -

I needed a good blog design the same way I need a pretty journal to write in.

If you blog, do you have any comments on how you feel about your blog design - would love to hear them!
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