Saturday, January 16, 2010

My top 5 toddler book recommendations

First I will mention that I love children's literature, I have several perspectives weighing on my choices -
#1: In college I took several classes on children's lit. while completing my elm. ed. degree - yes it is interesting how I ended up in arts marketing :)
#2: I have shared books in classroom settings for years.
#3: I have a 17 month old who is actually quite the reader.

For a children's book to make any of my lists - it needs to be 'real' children's literature and be something both my daughter and I enjoy reading. This is tricky, because she is really very interested in pointing at pictures of real animals and reading about Elmo - Sesame Street books are not on my list - even though (shudder) we have several. Neither of us ever tire of reading the following:

My 17 month old can read this book by herself - well she has memorized it and pretends to read it.

I am not crazy about all of Katz's books - some of them are flimsier than others and some read like they were made for the sake of making more books to sell. This one though is so fun to act out with your little toddler.

This book taught my daughter to recognize the work 'no' at about 13 months old.

Sensory, flaps, animals, tails - what isn't to love?

Boynton is by far the most consistent toddler author as far as entertainment and quality.

What is your favorite children's or toddler book? What is your toddler's favorite book?

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  1. We (I) LOVE reading Sandra Boynton books! I have so much fun reading them to Miles! His favorite at the moment is Hippos Go Beserk! I laugh when I'm reading the books to him and he laughs even harder!! We will have to buy some of your other favorites. Thanks for sharing!


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