Thursday, January 14, 2010

Makeup for $1! Some e.l.f. love

So a while ago I read somewhere about an eyeshadow quad for $1 from a company called e.l.f. so of course I googled it straight away! And I landed at and guess what - almost EVERYTHING is $1! Yes, eyeshadows, lip glosses, foundations, primers, BRUSHES, more...$1! They also have a studio line which is a little nicer and starts at about $3  (just as soon as I try it out I will blog about it). My favorite parts of their site are 'get the look' and 'celebrity picks'.

Where to get it and where to get coupons on your $1 makeup:

There are tons of coupons online so if you order from their site you can usually get something free or 1/2 off or free shipping - you can't combine online coupon codes so just use the one that is best for your order - here is a pretty reliable place to find them.

You can also buy a small selection e.l.f. at Kmart - check online to see if yours carries it though before forcing a Kmart experience on yourself : )

Target had a limited supply over Christmas but they sold it so fast you most likely missed it.

My Stash and Reviews:

So here is my starter stash - everything I could buy at Kmart. Product comments on what I have used as follows:
Brushes - Not as good as say a MAC brush but I would say nearly as good and if you factor in that you can have 17 or more of the elf brushes for the same price - then the elf brushes are a miracle!
Eyeshadow - MUCH better than most drug store brands - good color saturation.
Eyeliner Pencil - Your basic pencil but it comes with a free sharpener and it is $1!
Mascara - The formula is good but the brush is very mediocre. I also have MAC, Clinique, and Lancome mascara and my favorite still is good old pink and green Great Lash.  Drug stores have great mascara.
Clarifying Pressed Powder - This stuff is great - goes on a lot heavier than a drug store brand - similar to a counter brand.
Nail Polish - This was the one real bummer - maybe I am a nail polish snob but if I am going to paint my nails then I want something good that is going to last and is going to give good color saturation like  OPI. Well this didn't do any of that :( It also was kind of dull.
All Over Color Stick - This is my favorite product - really - it is just so fun. Blush for me. It is a great creamy product that you would expect to pay $$ for anywhere else. It comes in a cover up stick too.

Have you used any e.l.f. - what is your favorite product?

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  1. seriously love this make-up. i use the lip gloss every single day. thanks for introducing me to it, christina!


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