Wednesday, January 6, 2010

four tumblr links

Sometime ago I stumbled across tumblr – probably from a great blog that now I can’t credit because I can’t remember which one! Tumblr is about images, lots of images. I usually end up on craft or vintage collectible tumblr sites – but these (below) are more representative (I think) of what Tumblr is all about.  And they are all fabulous, really.

I am in love with the clothes (more like this at lookbook).

Because she’s Claire, she’s 18, she’s from Ireland.

Because soaking up art and design is important.
Tiny girly things.
My fascination here really reminds me a lot about the play kitchen obsession that is occurring at our house right now (who is the pink retro wooden toaster coming from pbk today really for? ;)

Hopefully, my new camera will come today (fingers crossed), and then I can get to work on the widely anticipated play kitchen post – we built a play kitchen for Ava for Christmas and it is really fun.

What are your favorite tumblr sites? Do you have your own?

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